About Us

In the midst of the pandemic, while everyone was stuck at home trying to flatten the curve, a little puppy came into this world. Helpless, homeless and hungry, she, her siblings and her mother were very fortunate and was taken under the care of a shelter. This little puppy stood out from her siblings of black or white fur, as she carried a full body of rich brown coloured fur with dreamy blue eyes. She immediately captured my heart, and Chocolate found her fur-ever home. 

While Chocolate found me, I found the reason to start The Collar Bone. I shared my vision with my sister, now my business partner, and she immediately came onboard. I was constantly looking for unique finds, good quality fashion accessories and supplies and I was not happy with the fact that I needed to bear hefty shipping costs just to spoil my baby doggo. At times, the shipping costs more than the product itself. There was an obvious lack of supply for these premium luxury goods in Malaysia despite the growing population of dog owners, hence we started The Collar Bone to share our passion with other dog owners like us.

The vision of The Collar Bone is to bring consumers premium quality products, and customers will be able to enjoy these goods without bearing the costly overseas shipping, long shipping time and minus the anticipation of receiving goods that do not meet the description. 

We specialize in premium dog collars and leash that are not just stylish but durable. Our collars come with a removable doggy tag that can be personalized with your pet’s initials with no additional fees! We also carry other premium pet supplies which are either specially hand-picked or hand-crafted. Our products have been tried and tested to ensure you and your furbabies are getting the best. Rest assured as all are 100% fur-friendly and a 100% fur-bulous.

I hope you enjoy shopping with us!

As the saying goes, Life is short, Spoil your Dog!